Dynhu Gogo

Dynhu Gogo is an hip hop artist from mozambique. He started recording in 1996 as part of a group named Golden Child. 3 of the 5 members left the group, leaving Funk MC and Nasty Child aka Dunhu Gogo.

In 1999, both decided to pursue solo careers and build their individual brands, but continued to work together.

2003 saw Nasty Child reinvented as Dunhu Gogo and in that same year he joined Thumba Sound where he recorded solo tracks and collaborated with different artists who worked with Thumba Sound.

In late 2005, he decided to record his first mixtape but the studio got jacked and was only left with 5 mixed songs.

In 2006, Dunhu Gogo met Point Blank who was promoting his first album Mic Check and running an entertainment company called Slangbox, and automatically Dunhu Gogo joined Slangbox Entertaiment and fellow artists and producers Saj, WRDS (Last Born) and Point Blank.

In 2009, Dunhu Gogo and Saj formed a group named Domestik People.

In 2015, Dunhu Gogo released his first EP entitled BLOOD PRESSURE, with 6 of the songs produced by him and one by Domestik People.

IN 2016, he released his first music video entitled LEGENDS LIVE FOREVER, featuring Saj.

Currently he working on his first LP.